Direct flights to Porto

Galicia (Spain) is approximately an hour’s drive by highway, about 120 km from Porto (located in the North of Portugal). Therefore one of the best ways how to get to Galicia is to book a direct flight to Porto – an airport that has a lot of connections with European cities.

Check if there is an airport near you that offers just few hours flight to visit two countries – Northern Portugal and Galicia.

Direct flights from Munich (Germany)

Flights from Munich (Germany) to Porto (Portugal)

Day of the weekAirlinesFlight number
MondayLufthansa LH 1782
TuesdayLufthansa LH 1782
WednesdayLufthansa LH 1782
ThursdayLufthansa LH 1782 y LH 1784
FridayLufthansa LH 1782 y LH 1784
SaturdayLufthansaLH 1782 y LH 1784
SundayLufthansa LH 1782 y LH 1784

Direct flights from Berlin (Germany)

Flight connections Berlin (Germany) – Porto (Portugal)

Day of the weekAirlinesAirportWhen to fly to Porto and Galicia
Monday and Friday EasyjetBerlin Brandeburguntil 27.10.2023
Monday, Thursday and SundayRyanairBerlin Brandeburguntil 29.10.2023
Wednesday and SundayEurowingsBerlin Brandeburguntil 26.10.2023
FridayEurowingsBerlin Brandeburgfrom 09.06.2023 to 03.09.2023
ThursdayEurowingsBerlin Brandeburg from 07.09. to 26.10.2023

Direct flights from Reikiavik (Island)

Flights Reikiavik (Island) – Porto (Portugal)

Day of the weekAerolinesWhen to visit Porto and Galicia?
Thursday and SundayPlayuntil 25.05.2023
Tuesday and SaturdayPlayfrom 30.5.2023 to 23.10.2023

Direct flights from Copenhagen (Denmark)

Flights Copenhagen (Denmark) to Porto (Portugal)

Day of the weekAerolinesWhen to travel to Porto and Galicia?
Thursday and Sunday Norwegian22.06.2023 – 20.10.2023

Direct flights from Vienna (Austria)

Flights from Vienna (Austria) to Porto (Portugal)

Day of the weekAerolíneasWhen to take vacations?
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Austriantill 24.10.2023
Mondya, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, SundayRyanairwhole year
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