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Package for Digital Nomads or Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (St. James Way)  looking for accommodation + workspace   (with 1 Gb speed internet ) + transport  (round trip by taxi from Tui/Vigo/Porriño/Redondela to Ponteareas).

Stay a few days and discover Ponteareas  and its surroundings which is located at an alternative way to Santiago de Compostela (now in the process of converting it into a new offical way of Camino de Santiago) in the Rías Baixas region.

Available on back-order

Do you wish to enjoy Camino de Santiago some day, but you cannot take weeks of holidays?Or are you a digital nomad and want to stay in Galicia for a while?In that case this package is for you, as it includes accommodation + coworking space (with 1 Gb internet speed) + taxi from Tui / Vigo / Porriño / Redondela to Ponteareas.

Any time you can also sign up for other local activities that we offer to travellers.

Alojamiento y coworking para comerciales que viajas y necesitan trabar en Galicia


This package includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation for 1 or 2 people in A Coastine or similar accommodation.
  • a working space just for you in Coworking ApartOffice in Ponteareas with 24 hours access (limit 5 hours per day).
  • taxi transportation between Ponteareas and  Tui, O Porriño, Vigo and Redondela, designed for pilgrims who walk to Santiago de Compostela on the Portuguese Way and do not have a car.

And what’s your turn?

  • bring your computer
  • and enjoy Galicia

What to take into account?

  • If you travel alone,  consult discount options with us.
  • This offer is available just on weekdays  and out of  bank holidays, and high season weeks (23. 12. – 7.1., Eastern and 15.7. – 31.8.) If you prefer to stay for more days, please contact us.
  • Premium coworking services such as use of printer/scanner or meeting room are charged separately.

If you prefer to work directly from the A Coastine  (with 600 Mb internet speed connection), you can book just the accommodation.

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Alojamiento y coworking para comerciales que viajas y necesitan trabar en GaliciaNomad Traveller Offer

Available on back-order

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